Establish your budget: You should decide how much you can spend before you begin looking for a home.
You can do this by obtaining pre-approval for a mortgage or by calculating your projected monthly payments using a mortgage calculator.

Locate a real estate agent: An agent can assist you in locating properties that fit your criteria and will provide you with guidance throughout the purchasing process. I am here to assist you, and enjoy hearing your story so I can make this process as stress free as possible.

Start looking for properties: To get an idea of what is available, drive about areas, attend open houses, and conduct an online search for homes. Create a list of the homes you are interested in, either save here on my site or shoot them my way.

Submit a a strong offer: You must submit a offer to the seller of a home you desire.
I can assist you in selecting a reasonable offer price based on the neighborhood market and comparable sales. Creating a strong offer, and back up documentation to accompany your offer.

If your offer is accepted, you should get a home inspection to make sure the property doesn't have any significant issues.
If problems are discovered, you might be able to bargain with the seller to have them fixed and/or have the price reduced, credits or an opportunity to walk away.

Closing on YOUR HOME: In the event that everything is in order, you will have to sign a contract and give a down payment to finalize the transaction. You must appear for the closing at the escrow office, when you will sign all the required documents, then you will receive possession of the home when the county records. I will meet you with keys!!!

Throughout the home-buying process, keep this in mind: take your time, be patient, and collaborate closely with your agent.